Athena Mari Asklipiadis - headshotAthena Mari Asklipiadis, born and raised in Leimert Park, Los Angeles and holds a broadcasting degree from Pepperdine University. While pursuing a career in LA radio and voice over, Athena began working in the multiracial community on various blogs and websites in the early 2000’s. After recognizing a lack of mixed and minority bone marrow donors, she started Mixed Marrow in 2009.

Athena was most recently associate producer on award-winning documentary film, Mixed Match(2016) and currently operates Mixed Marrow as well as serving as Vice President of Multiracial Americans of Southern California and being involved in other local LA festivals and events.

In 2017, her work with Mixed Marrow was recognized by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, highlighted in Oprah Magazine and she was the recipient of the 2017 Awareness Award from Be The Match, The National Marrow Donor Program along with director Jeff Chiba Stearns for Mixed Match.